Flexed arm with tuna bicep

Tuna Health Benefits


Fish is a must when you are trying to develop lean muscle and tuna is a delicious and powerful protein source. The most lean fish choice include white-fleshed fish like flounder as well as most shellfish such as lobster, but the darker meat fish like tuna are also lean and the fat it does have is healthy. Canned tuna is not quite as lean as the first two mentioned above but it is more affordable and outspread.

Tuna is a considered fatty or oily due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content, it is also nutritious as it gives you a good amount of potassium, vitamin B12 and selenium. Canned tuna has much less fat content compared to its fresh cuts due to processing and canning techniques, being low in calories.

If you are trying to lose weight or build lean muscle, you should make sure that you are consuming the right kinds of lean protein.

Lean Muscle


Lean muscle mass is the content of body minus fat. This is not a scientific term, it is more of a workout term that refers to muscle that is independent of fat. In bodybuilding lean muscle mass is gained without the corresponding addition of fat or it is what remains after the fat is lost. 



What is Protein?


Proteins are long chains of amino acids and our bodies use these as lego building blocks to produce a variety of protein structures such as enzymes, muscle, skin and hair. These large biological molecules help you metabolize fat because it has little effect on your blood sugar levels when consumed.

Lean proteins are important for the development of lean muscle, and tuna is part of this food category – studies have shown that lean protein also helps you lose weight when paired with a low carbohydrate and healthy diet.



Selenium in Tuna


Tuna contains the mineral selenium in the selenoneine form. This form is very important for the health of the fish as it serves as an antioxidant that protects the fish’s red blood cells from free radical damage. This effect passes on to us and selenium is an antioxidant necessary for thyroid metabolism plus it boosts our immunity.





Omega-3 fatty acids are present in tuna and codfish and they have clear anti-inflammatory and health benefits. These fish oils not only help your body regulate your hormones and metabolism, as their increased presence in the membranes of red blood cells as well as cells along the blood vessel linings are also associated with better regulation of blood pressure and lower risk of blood vessel “clogging”.