Aveiro Canned Tuna and Codfish

Simple, quick and delicious. Since 1964.

Tuna Fillet with tomato on plate

Quick & Easy Cooking

Canned Tuna and Codfish is the perfect main ingredient for hassle-free delicious cooking. With the opening of a can "dinner is served".

Healthy meal

Fish is one of the best protein sources for lean muscle building, combined with low calorie and low fat content.

Made in Aveiro

Our products have been made in this coastal city since 1964 with it's name as our brand. We want to show you why Aveiro inspires us.

Production Philosophy

The whole production cycle of your canned fish is done inside our factory.

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Whole Fish

The frozen tuna and the salted and dried codfish enter our factory whole, separated in similar sizes to be cooked.

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After cooling down to the right temperature our collaborators break down the fish into its different parts, ready to be canned.

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All the ingredients are canned by hand, only using machinery to add oil, to join the can pieces and to sterilize - the exception is our canned solid and tuna chunks.

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After being sterilized the cans are washed, marked with the production date and stored in their transport boxes, prepared to be shipped.